TV series

Like a lot of people I’m obsessed with TV series. They’re addictive, alright. My obssesion started when I was about 11 years old or maybe a bit younger. I don’t actually remember, but I don’t remember a time, when I didn’t watch any TV series. So that means that I watch them for ages, I guess.

Today I wanted to share my favorite TV series in hope to find some people, who watch the same shows. 🙂

  1. The Vampire Diaries


This is my absulute favorite show. I have seen all episodes till the latest one. I mean, it would be allways my first choice. I think it’s because it has a lot of emotions in it. I have cried and laught so much watching The Vampire Diaries to the point, where it’s ridiculus. I have never considered to NOT watch the series. Maybe this one time, when Elena left, but I’m still watching it and I still love it very, very much. Even though my heart broke, when Elena left.

2. Pretty Little Liars


This one is really cool. It’s like a classical teen bullying story, but with a twist. The bully is like super twisted and they don’t even know who it is. Of course till the season 5 finale. It’s very interesting to watch all the girls deal with the dark and awful things, that no teen should even know. Especially in season 6 because they’re all grown up. I actually think that season 6 is my favorite season, but I love them all, In one word, the show is just awesome!

3. Scream Queens

635852886583294244-594064646_Scream Queens article header.jpg

At first I thought this one was just ridiculus because of it’s black comedy, but very soon I grew to love it just because of it. Of course I love it for far more than that, but I think, that was the thing, that took my interest. I would still say it’s very weird and not for everyone (especially for those easily offended people), but it’s just perfect for me and actually for my bff too. I’m kind of bummed, that the season ended.

So those were my three favorites TV series. Now that I look at them all together, it looks like I’m obsessed with murder and mystery, but I actually am. I wanted to say, that I’m not, but why lie to myself. I know I like that kind of stuff. I really like horror movies too. Ok, that’s that. I got very exited now because I wan’t to watch one of these series right now, but I’m up to date with all of them. Ugh, I guess I will have to wait.

Have a great day,

Pat 🙂


My House Tour

Hey guys,

A house is a pretty special place. Especially if you call it your home. I’ve decided to show you mine. I hope you enjoy going with me trough my home, where I live.

Have a great day,

Pat. 🙂

Phone-Free Day

Hey guys,

As we all know your Phone is a beloved companion. It is constantly by our side and always needed. What is it, that atracts us to our phones? I think, that there are a lot of things, but mainly it’s the internet. Yeah, texting, phoning and taking photos may be fun, but it’s nothing compared to the internet. You can practically do anything on the internet. Play games, find information, find friends and tweet about your lunch. I can’t even count, how many things the internet can provide.

So, yeah. We have come to the fact, that we all love the internet, and have to have it any place and any time. Sometimes, when I think about this, I feel quite sad. Memories of my childhood start to pop-up. I remember, that I didn’t even know, that such a thing existed. I miss it.

It would be so nice, if I had no knowledge of the internet. I would have more time to waste on things like riding a bike, rollerblading, reading books and so on. When I think about this, I think, that wouldn’t be wasting time. I’m wasting my time everyday, when I check Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook.

This brings down my mood a lot, but I know, that most people on Earth can’t live without it and I just one of many.

Because I can’t get rid of the internet in my life, I have made an adjustment in it. I will have a day in the week in which I won’t use any tehnologies. In that day I will try to be active and live my life, or even help people get of their phones. I will start out small, but I hope to grow in my resistance of the internet. Of course I won’t give it up. I have too inportant stuff here, like my Blog or my Youtube channel.

I hope I have inspired you to take a break from your phone or computer because I feel very inspired.

Goodbye for now,


The Mistery of Career


Hey guys,
Have You ever come to the moment, when You’re future is very important? Not just for you, but for everybody around you. Somehow this question appears to pop up everywhere “What are you going to do when you’re older?” It seems to me that this question has caught everybodies interest lately.
But it isn’t just the questions. Our school tries to “help” us with our choices even more and more. We have this career consultant in our school. She has a really squicky voice and bad fashion choices. We used to see each other just passing by in the hallways, but now we have a class with her almost every week. She gives us tests and other things, so we would know what interests us. Now I doubt if that is even necessary. Why would it be? Don’t we already know our interests and hobbies? Don’t we already know which schools should we go to? I think we all do, but the career consultant just keeps counselling. And how does it help with choosing our career?
I think, that the help, that is provided from the school, isn’t needed. Everybody needs to figure out their future occupation on their own. It will come sooner or later. The help, that they offer, won’t change anything.
Maybe I sound like a rebellious school girl, but that is just my opinion because I’m sick of the career consultant and her sqeeky voice. And also the tests, that she gives us.
The career consultant isn’t the only thing, that I have noticed. I have noticed, how the end of school just keeps getting closer and closer, and I haven’t yet decided on what I want to be, when I grow up. Sadly the consultant makes it even worse because she make my part of the mind, that thinks about my career, even more of a mess.
What do you think?
Is this career thing a bit overdone?
Have you had a mess in your head all because of it?
Wishing you the best,

In the Wilderness

Hi guys,
This post will be a bit different, but I really wanted to share this with you.
In these holidays I went outside because of the divine weather. I thought about exploring a bit around the house, but I like to explore more with my camera. So I took it with me and went outside. It was a pretty warm day. I wore a t-shirt and shorts.
So I I’m going to share my adventure with you.

DSC_0188  DSC_0202 DSC_0207 DSC_0219 


It was so warm outside, that I decided to step into the river. The water was pretty fresh, but not cold as you might think.


That’s what my weekend looked like, guys. It was so lovely. I loved taking these pictures because they all capture my favorite time of the year – spring.  I hope you like the them.

Wishing you the best,


My Wardrobe


I personally think that a wardrobe is something very personal. You normaly wont let other people just barge in it, right? It’s not like you have tons of secrets in there, but it’s pretty wierd if someone would just come in your home and start going through your closet. But it’s not the closet that is so important. It’s just a box, really. The important thing is the content. Mostly it’s clothes, but different people keep different things in their wardrobe. Like one of my friends used to keep her diary there. So it’s a good hiding place, I guess.

But talking about the clothes in the wardrobe. Everybody has a different sense of style or viewpoint for fashion. Of course people normally keep clothing they do like, exept if your mum makes you wear them. That is pretty sad, especially for a fashion lover. I think I like fashion a lot, but I’m definetely not a trend folower or something like that. I’m pretty much a failure at brands and modeling. My best friend thinks it’s unacceptable because she’s a real fashion lover unlike me.

I have my own casual style. It’s pretty simple, actually. The main rule for me is that it is comfortable because if it’s not I think I won’t wear it. Exept if it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Comfortable for me sometimes means that I don’t wear dresses or croptops, or other things I don’t feel confident or good in. I really like staying in my comfort zone. Especially with clothing because if I wear something very uncomfortble or too flashy, I just can’t wait to get out of it.

I think all people have their favorite things in their wardrobe. Like if there was a choice – they would wear only those faves for the rest of their life. Maybe some people couldn’t just deal with wearing only one thing. Now that I think of it, I couldn’t either because I would feel too restricted. I would want change at some point. But if I would have to wear one thing, it would definetely be my pijamas. It’s a t-shirt and shorts. It’s the most comfortable thing in the world, actually. Wierd, huh? Spend the rest of my life in pijamas. I don’t know yet if would love it or not. Before I started talking about pijamas, I said that people have their best choices. And I do too (Pijamas not included). I have made a video about this because it would be too much for a blog post. I did a bit of horrible modeling there, but I hope you can forgive me this.

So here it is. I hope you like it. 🙂

Wishing You the best,